Westminster must do more to help business

Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has called for more to be done to help businesses in East Kilbride. East Kilbride company, Robert Wiseman Dairies, which supplies one third of Britain’s milk supply, announced it may have to increase milk prices as a result of soaring fuel and costs of raw materials.

Linda said “Wiseman Dairies is to be commended for their efficiency initiatives such as new refrigeration equipment which uses 50% less gas and saves 200,000 litres of water usage, they’re doing excellent work but, like other companies across Scotland, they need a bit more help in these difficult times.”

“The SNP has argued for years that we need a Fuel Duty Regulator to make sure that fuel prices don’t go up too quickly and the SNP Scottish Government has been telling the Westminster Government that it needs to happen soon to protect people and businesses from the costs that are making it hard to get by and are crippling our economy. Everyday fuel costs are rising and people are feeling the pressure.”

“This, along with the rise in VAT, has increased the cost of living and is hitting the most vulnerable people in our society the hardest.  The news that the cost of milk, a staple in shopping baskets, will be going up is really bad news.”

“I’m calling on the Westminster Government, and all of the MPs from Scotland, to recognise this and take measures to help business cope with the ever increasing fuel costs, do something about VAT on ordinary household purchases, and keep the cost of living down.”

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