East Kilbride West SNP Councillor, David Watson has welcomed the recommendation from South Lanarkshire planning officials to reject the latest planning application from Glasgow City Council for the Cathkin Landfill site.

Councillor Watson said:

“The application to extend the life of the landfill site until 2016 with a further 2 years to restore the site, was totally unacceptable.

“Glasgow City Council have abused the planning laws to date as operations on the site should have ceased by August 2012. Work commenced on the site in August 1999, however Glasgow City Council are arguing that as landfill operations did not commence until August 2000, they had until 2013 to continue operating under the present license.”

The planning permission for the landfill at Cathkin was initially refused by South Lanarkshire Council and subsequently granted by a Reporter following an appeal to the Scottish Ministers.

Condition 3 on the original consent states;

“All landfilling operations on the site shall be discontinued 13 years after the date of commencement of work on the site and, within a period of 2 years from that discontinuance date, the entire site shall be restored in accordance with the approved plans to the satisfaction of the planning authority.”

Councillor Watson added:

“There were restrictions on any further extension of the landfill operation through a Section 75 agreement to restrict any further planning applications being lodged for this site, and Glasgow City Council have ignored this by submitting a new planning application.

“Glasgow City Council continues to be among the poorest performers when it comes to recycling household waste and the residents of Cathkin and Stewartfield should not be expected to pay the penalty because Glasgow City Council is failing to come up with a waste strategy which includes improved recycling.

“Since the site opened residents of Cathkin and Stewartfield have had to put up with heavy traffic, noxious smells, fly infestations and litter problems due to the landfill being blown from the site and lorries.

“Glasgow City Council should now close the gates of the site to any new landfill and get on with the job of restoring the site and not subject local residents to any further environmental pollution.”

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