With just two days until the Local Government elections, SNP Council Candidate for East Kilbride West, David Watson, has said that the SNP are best-placed to build for economic recovery in the years ahead.

David said:

“We have a number of key manifesto pledges – designed to help small business, to regenerate local communities, and to protect employment, – which SNP councils will work in partnership with the Scottish Government to deliver.

“With Scotland benefitting from lower unemployment and higher employment than the rest of the UK, it is vital that South Lanarkshire Council pulls out all the stops in the next few years to maintain employment and secure long-term economic growth.

“We need to do all we can to help the economy – that’s why every single SNP councillor elected on Thursday, will be focussed on economic recovery.

“Our three-pronged approach will ensure that councils work together to do all they can to protect and create jobs, and that we do all we can to support business and generate new investment.

“Our first priority will be to develop an economic recovery plan for South Lanarkshire.

“We will work with the Scottish Government to find new and innovative investment such as the untapped potential of pension funds to get local economies moving and we will continue our support for the small business bonus.

“We need to do everything we can to protect and create employment. As well as extending the Living Wage and the no compulsory redundancy policy to council workers – we will ensure that every 16 to 19-year old not already in work, training or education is offered a training opportunity, helping tackle youth unemployment.

“Jobs and fairness are the priorities of the people of Scotland, and that’s why they are our priorities.

“An SNP Administration at South Lanarkshire Council will work day and night to build for recovery.”



Notes –


Ten key pledges from the SNP manifesto to build for economic recovery:

1)      Every SNP council will develop a local economic recovery plan as a matter of priority, to ensure that public and private sector are working together better.

2)      Every SNP council will continue to deliver the Small Business Bonus Scheme, which has now paid out over £400m in rates relief to small businesses, who can each save as much as £4260. Under the SNP, Scotland has the most generous rates relief package of anywhere in the UK. Since the SBBS was introduced, small businesses have delivered 40,000 new jobs.

3)      Every SNP council will protect jobs by ensuring a Living Wage is delivered to all council workers by April 2013, and we will also extend the no compulsory redundancy policy to all council workers.

4)      Every SNP council will help tackle youth unemployment by working with the Scottish Government to ensure that every 16 to 19-year-old not currently in work, training or education is offered a learning or training place.

5)      Every SNP council will work with the Scottish Government to investigate ways that the billions currently held by pension funds and invested beyond Scotland can be rechanneled towards infrastructure projects to improve the quality of life for Scotland’s people. This is in addition to innovative sources of finance already being developed, such as Tax Incremental Financing.

6)      Working with the Scottish Government, we will deliver 5000 new council houses across the lifetime of this parliament, and will continue to make resourcing housebuilding and refurbishment a priority in setting their budgets – helping employment and improving quality of life.

7)      SNP councils will directly involve social enterprises in drafting a full social enterprise strategy for each area.

8)      SNP councils will help support the private sector by being transparent in their contract awards, and fair and efficient in settling their bills.

9)      SNP administrations will work with private and public sector partners and appropriate voluntary groups to maximise the tourism potential of their areas.

10)     SNP councils will work in partnership with the Scottish Government to access the Next Generation Digital Fund to ensure optimal connectivity for businesses and households throughout Scotland.

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