East Kilbride West Councillor David Watson and Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride have expressed their delight at the news that the Competition Commission have rejected proposals by First to alter the route of the 31.

Linda said: “When First initially submitted their proposals to terminate the 31 in Castlemilk both David and myself were inundated with complaints from concerned residents. Had the proposals been allowed to proceed Stewartfield would have been left without an public transport meaning that many residents, particularly the elderly, would have been left isolated.

“Luckily the Competitions Commission had the sense to reject the proposals meaning that the future of the 31 is secure.”

David said: “First have been keen to scrap the East Kilbride to Glasgow section of the 31 route for some time now. It quickly became clear that they would do whatever it takes to push their plans through when no general notification was published inviting the public to submit evidence to the Competition Commission.

“I immediately started a campaign to ensure that the 31 stays and both myself and Linda have been in regular correspondence with First. I am delighted with the Competition Commission’s decision.”

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