East Kilbride Central North candidate, Sheena Wardhaugh has spoken of the positive reaction the SNP campaign for the Local Government Elections is receiving on East Kilbride doorsteps as we get closer to Polling Day on 3rd May.

Sheena said:

“The SNP at local and national levels are delivering for communities across Scotland with safer streets and neighbourhoods thanks to 1000 more police on the beat since 2007, hundreds of pounds saved in every household in Scotland thanks to our long-standing Council Tax freeze and at least 600 hours planned of free nursery education, the best provision anywhere in the UK.

“An SNP Administration at South Lanarkshire Council would work with the Scottish Government to move East Kilbride and South Lanarkshire forward providing an open, transparent, efficient and helpful administration.

“We will give South Lanarkshire Council back to the people.  We will establish a Petitions Committee to give residents a stronger say in how the Council is run and put the Pride back into East Kilbride.

“That is what the people we meet tell us they want, and that is what we will deliver with an SNP controlled Council.”

Further to media reports saying that the Centre for Scottish Public Policy predicts the SNP is set to make gains at next month’s council elections, the SNP’s Local Government Campaign Director, Derek Mackay, said the party is campaigning hard across Scotland to gain the public’s support, is standing a record number of candidates in all council areas, but is taking nothing for granted as polling day approaches.

Mr Mackay said:

“The elections on May 3 are about local jobs and local services – SNP candidates and their teams are working extremely hard and speaking to more people in every community in Scotland than ever before in a local election.

“The SNP enters the campaign with a strong record and a powerful vision for a better, fairer and more prosperous Scotland.”

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