Vulnerable families have been targeted by Labour-run South Lanarkshire council and threatened out of their homes because they can’t pay Westminster’s bedroom tax.

In a report in today’s Daily Record, the Labour council reportedly hand-delivered the letters – with one woman terrified she will “end up on the street” as the effects of the Tory-LibDem policy surface only one month after it was introduced.

Commenting, SNP MSP for East Kilbride Linda Fabiani, a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee, said:

“All councils run by the SNP have promised not to evict anyone subject to the bedroom tax if they take all reasonable steps to repay arrears.

“South Lanarkshire Council are failing to support the most disadvantaged people in our society.

“Instead of helping and supporting Scotland’s most vulnerable people, Labour-run South Lanarkshire council is acting quickly to target and evict them – its disgraceful.

“To claim this was a mistake on behalf of the council is also deeply worrying – they are basically saying they have caused so much worry and panic because of an error.

“We know that there has been a 338 per cent leap in the number of people applying for emergency handouts in the month since this devastating Tory tax was imposed.

“Despite 90% of Scottish MPs voting against this tax, it has still been imposed. That is why we need a Yes vote on September 18th next year.

“An SNP government in an independent Scotland will scrap the bedroom tax.”



Notes: Daily Record article

Leap in handout payments

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