Linda Fabiani MSP has written to South Lanarkshire Council about concerns over excessive parking restrictions in some parts of East Kilbride’s Village.

Residents and business owners in Hunter Street and Montgomery Street went to Linda with their concerns over a disparity in parking regulations, which restricts parking to just 15 minutes in those streets, compared to the 30 minute limit in the rest of the Village.

Said Linda, “I have written to the Executive Director of Enterprise Resources at South Lanarkshire Council to highlight this disparity. It’s not at all clear to me – or to the residents and business owners affected – why these two streets should be singled out for such a limited parking time, which is half that allowed in the rest of the Village.

“The 15 minute waiting time is damaging the businesses in Hunter Street and Montgomery Street. It prevents customers from visiting the shops for even short trips because there is not enough time to return to their cars if they happen to get caught in a queue or have a query that cannot be resolved in a few minutes. It puts them at an unfair disadvantage.

“Trading conditions are difficult enough just now without putting additional obstacles in the way of business success. A standard 30 minute parking time throughout the Village would level the playing field and give all the businesses in the area the chance to reach their potential.

“I hope that South Lanarkshire Council will give serious consideration to equalising parking times throughout the Village at 30 minutes.”

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