East Kilbride voters will take to the polls on Thursday May 3 to make their voices heard and choose councillors to make a difference in their community.

East Kilbride SNP will be fielding ten candidates who will work together to move East Kilbride forward.

Council Candidate Sheena Wardhaugh said:

“East Kilbride SNP – candidates, members and supporters – have one aim, shared by branches all over South Lanarkshire, to take over the administration of South Lanarkshire Council.

“An SNP administration would ensure the running of the council is truly open and transparent, shining light into hitherto dark corners. The first action of an SNP council would be to set up a Petitions Committee. This would mean that the council would not only listen to peoples’ concerns but also address them.”

MSP for East Kilbride, Linda Fabiani said:

“East Kilbride residents clearly feel that South Lanarkshire Council just does not listen to their concerns. That has to change. We have a great town, with great people who deserve a voice. Vote for change”

The SNP is fielding over 600 candidates in this year’s council elections, it was revealed – almost 50% more than in 2007, where 437 stood.

SNP local government campaign director Derek Mackay MSP outlined how these elections offer a chance to make Scotland better.

Mr Mackay said:

“The elections on May 3 are about local jobs and local services and who will take the important decisions that shape how communities develop over the next five years.

“The SNP enters the campaign with a strong record, a powerful vision for a better Scotland and growing support across our nation.

“With a record number of SNP candidates standing, voters all over Scotland will have the option of electing a strong team of effective SNP local councillors and SNP councils that will work to build recovery, support families and improve and protect local services.

“Despite the unprecedented cuts in public spending, the SNP government has protected council budgets and that means we can do more for communities.

“We’ve shown what can be achieved with an SNP government nationally and we can do the same with SNP councils working together to deliver stronger, safer and fairer communities.”


Your SNP Candidates for East Kilbride

East Kilbride South

Archie Buchanan and Douglas Edwards

East Kilbride Central South

John Anderson and Duncan McLean

East Kilbride Central North

Anne Maggs and Sheena Wardhaugh

East Kilbride West

John Reilly and David Watson

East Kilbride East

Gladys Miller and Jim Wardhaugh

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