Straight Statistics back Fabiani over knife crime

In an article entitled “Scottish Labour in retreat over crime claims”, the independent commentator ‘Straight Statistics” has backed Linda Fabiani’s attack on figures used by Andy Kerr to support Labour’s policy on knife crime.

Scottish Labour is now backtracking on its claims regarding the costs of knife crime to the NHS and to Scottish society as a whole – serious errors that have already been highlighted by Linda.  The ‘sources’ quoted by Labour have all distanced themselves from a shambolic and ill-thought out policy.

“Labour’s claim knife crime costs the NHS £500 million a year is slammed as ‘a deception’” was The Scotsman’s headline, while The Times’ Scottish edition went with “Labour’s knife crime policy ‘descends into disarray’”.

Straight Statistics describe the £500 million figure as a fantasy, which, even after they tried to see things Labour’s way, they still found to have no justification.

As we said in a previous post, Labour’s figures appear to have been just ‘made up’.

As Labour’s Finance Spokesman, and a former health and finance minister, Andy Kerr comes in for severe criticism.

The claim in his campaign literature that the actual cost to the Scottish NHS was £3 billion – more than a quarter of the total budget – is simply ridiculed.

Linda Fabiani said:

“As Scotland faces the most severe cuts to public expenditure in living memory, we can’t afford a government elected on a manifesto with such little integrity.

“Labour promise to ‘stand up’ to the Tories, but they aren’t even able to put together a credible manifesto after four years in opposition.

“Everyone knows the SNP  is dedicated to promoting Scotland’s interests and fighting Scotland’s corner.”

On May 5th, East Kilbride has a choice, to vote for Iain Gray as First Minister, or to vote for Linda Fabiani and the SNP, and re-elect a Government, with an experienced team, led by Alex Salmond with the drive and vision to see Scotland through the tough times ahead.

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