SNP join iTunes: Download “Let’s Work Together” and make Scotland better


The SNP’s innovative party political broadcast steps up to the next level today as a download of “Let’s work together” performed by one of the best young bands in Scotland, Jackil is made available on iTunes.

The SNP is the first political party to produce a music video as a party political broadcast, commissioning Edinburgh band Jackil to perform a version of “Let’s Work together” previously recorded by Canned Heat and written by American blues singer Wilbert Harrison.

The video which invites viewers to join with the SNP in making Scotland better was first screened at SNP Conference in October and is available online at The song is being made available on 15 online music stores including iTunes making the SNP the first political party to feature music in the online music stores.

Launching the song on iTunes SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP said: “The SNP is taking political campaigning into new areas. This has never been done by a political party in Scotland or in the UK.

“There has been a lot of interest in Let’s work together as a political broadcast and as a video.

“That’s why we are now making the song, recorded by Jakil, available for downloading from iTunes.

“Jackil have recorded a brilliant and very contagious track. Putting it online for download allows anyone to take the message that we can make Scotland better if we work together with them wherever they go.

“And through social media such as Facebook or Apple’s Ping this is another way of using new media to connect with voters of all ages and all interests as people recommend Let’s Work Together to their friends, colleagues and those with like minded musical interests.”

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