SNP Councillors Welcome Parking Recommendations

The SNP welcome the recommendations made by the review group looking into parking within South Lanarkshire, a group the SNP Councillors asked to be set up in view of the unfair parking permit charges being voiced upon local people.
The recommendations include:-
•                    a consultation process be commenced with a view of significantly reducing the size of the restricted parking zones in East Kilbride
•                    the removal of parking restrictions applicable on Sunday within the restricted parking zones
•                    parking permits be issued every two years instead of every year
•                    that the misuse of residents parking permits continues to be monitored and appropriate action taken to withdraw permits which are being misused
SNP Councillor John Anderson said “We have asked for a more robust form of consultation than the statutory one used before.
“It has always been a long-held view of the SNP that there should be no charge for parking permits however the group unfortunately could not reach consensus on this point. However, as the administration costs for much reduced zones will be much less, it was confirmed at the recent executive meeting that there will no requirement for charges.
“SNP Councillors welcomed the opportunity to work with other community groups in trying to find a positive way in dealing with the issues of parking and parking permit charges, we will continue to work with the council officers in an attempt to ensure that there is a more robust form of consultation which takes into account the feelings of residents regarding the proposals to significantly reduce the current parking zones and to end the parking restrictions on Sundays within the remaining parking zones.”

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