Mental Health DebateThe SNP has called into question the legitimacy of the 13 new members of the House of Lords selected by David Cameron upon his resignation as Prime Minister – arguing that the former Prime Minister has forfeited his mandate to do this by resigning as an MP this week. The call comes on the UN International Day of Democracy – a global event celebrating democratic values.

Mr Cameron selected a host of former aides, Tory party hacks and former Downing Street staff as nominees for seats in the undemocratic and antiquated House of Lords when he resigned as Prime Minister earlier in the summer.

Following his resignation as an MP on Monday, the SNP have now called for his nominations to be annulled – as he has now “foregone his mandate” to have made any such appointments.

Commenting, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

“With today being the day that the world celebrates democratic values, it seems absolutely outrageous that a man who no longer holds any political office and has absolutely no democratic mandate would be allowed to cherry-pick former aides and staffers to become UK lawmakers.

“Mr Cameron has suffered an extraordinary reversal in fortunes over the last year, from winning a majority at Westminster only 16 months ago to resigning as Prime Minister following his disastrous EU referendum gamble, and now turning his back on Parliament altogether.

“It would be staggering if these latest batch of nominations to the out-of-date and unelected House of Lords, from a man who has forgone his mandate, are allowed to go forward –  and would fly in the face of democratic values promoted by today’s International Day of Democracy.

“Above all, the whole affair merely reiterates the fact that it is time for this antiquated institution to be scrapped for good.”

SNP House of Lords Spokesperson at Westminster, Kirsty Blackman, said:

“It is quite clear that Mr Cameron’s resignation honours list no longer possesses any legitimacy, if ever it did to start with, following his decision to quit parliament this week.

“Allowing someone with no democratic mandate to continue swelling the ranks of the unelected chamber is completely unacceptable. The House of Lords is well past its sell-by date – it must be scrapped and replaced with a fully elected second chamber.”

Details of the International Day of Democracy are available here:

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