Scottish Parliament motion celebrates East Kilbride’s first ever folk festival

Linda Fabiani MSP has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament to mark the occasion of the first East Kilbride Folk Festival, which takes place in the town this weekend.

The Strathaven-based MSP, who is a both a fan and a vocal public supporter of Scottish traditional and contemporary folk music, said:

“I’m delighted that East Kilbride is going to be taking its place on Scotland’s folk festival circuit. There is a wealth of traditional and contemporary folk musical talent in the town, as anyone who has attended the regular East Kilbride Folk Club sessions knows, and a fully-fledged festival will bring those singers, songwriters and musicians to a much-deserved wider stage.

“The festival organisers have put together a great programme, with something for everyone, and the low ticket prices and many free sessions make it extremely accessible and will allow anyone who wants to to come along and enjoy the music.

“The involvement of children from St Vincent’s and Crosshouse primary schools is particularly welcome and I’m sure that some exciting young talent will be uncovered. The songwriting workshops that have taken place in these schools over the past month – where two fantastic Lanarkshire songwriters, John Malcolm and Billy Stewart, have helped the children to write their own songs- are a wonderful initiative and a great way to not only introduce children to Scottish music, but to also enable them to become part of the music themselves. This kind of project makes an invaluable contribution to maintaining Scots music as a living, breathing tradition.

“Congratulations are due to everyone who has been involved in putting the festival together. I have no doubt that it will be a great success and that the 2010 East Kilbride Folk Festival will be only the first of many more to come.”

The full text of Linda Fabiani’s Scottish Parliament motion reads:

East Kilbride Folk Festival
That the Parliament send good wishes for the success of the first ever East Kilbride Folk Festival, which is scheduled to take place from 5 to 7 November 2010; notes that the festival line-up includes a wealth of musical talent from the town of East Kilbride itself, as well as traditional and folk singers and musicians from across Scotland; is delighted at the involvement of children from St Vincent’s and Crosshouse primary schools in East Kilbride, who have written songs to be performed during the festival; notes that ticket prices have been kept at what it considers to be a very affordable level and that entry to many sessions will be free; believes that this will enable the widest possible range of people to enjoy the festival, and looks forward to the East Kilbride Folk festival becoming a permanent fixture in Scotland’s traditional arts calendar in years to come.

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