Scotland needs more power to create jobs

More jobs can be created in Scotland if the Scottish Parliament gets the powers it needs to create them according to East Kilbride’s MSP Linda Fabiani who is the convenor of the Scottish Parliament Committee looking at more powers.

Speaking about her position, Linda said “We’re looking at the new Scotland Bill and if we can persuade the London Parliament of the need to change it we could bring home the powers that would enable the Scottish Government to stimulate the economy and grow jobs. We’ve already got some movement on things like borrowing powers but we need more, we need to see Scotland’s Parliament and Scotland’s Government get some real teeth to make lives better here.

“We’ve seen how well the SNP Government can do, even with the limited powers available, because the recession didn’t bite as hard in Scotland as in other parts of the UK, and we can only imagine, unfortunately, how much more could have been done if our Ministers had a bit more leverage to use.

“The result of the Scottish election in May is clear evidence that the people of Scotland like what the SNP is delivering and they want even more. As Convener of the Scotland Bill committee, I’ll work hard to ensure Scotland gets the best possible deal from the Bill so that the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government have the tools they need to boost Scotland’s economic growth.”

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