Scotland continues to outperform UK on employment as claimant count continues to improve in East Kilbride

Linda 1Following the publication of new figures which show that employment in Scotland has risen by 3,000 in the last quarter and continues to have an employment rate higher than the UK rate, Linda Fabiani MSP has pledged to continue to fight Tory government decisions which could undermine the Scottish Government’s commitment to fair work.

Figures released this week show that Scotland is outperforming the UK as a whole on employment, youth employment and female employment rates. Youth employment has increased by 34,000 over the year – rising to its highest July to September level since the 2008 recession.

Linda said:

“The rise in employment in Scotland is encouraging, and we continue to outperform the UK as a whole on this measure.

“The youth employment rise of 34,000 over the past year is very good news. The Scottish Government is working hard towards meeting the ambitious aim of reducing youth unemployment by 40 per cent over the next Parliament.

“In East Kilbride, the claimant count – which is a good indicator for understanding the number of people seeking unemployment benefits whilst they are seeking work continues to improve, year on year. For the month of October, 860 people were claiming benefits, as opposed to 1,125 this time last year. That is progress, but we mustn’t become complacent.

“The Scottish Government is taking all steps necessary to make work fair – by creating a Fair Work Convention; promoting the Living Wage; and mitigating Tory social security cuts.

“Yet the UK Government’s ideologically driven cuts agenda risks undermining this work, putting jobs at risk, attacking workers’ rights and cutting the incomes of the lowest paid – at Westminster and at Holyrood the SNP will continue to fight the Tories regressive agenda.”


Claimant count by sex and age
ONS Crown Copyright Reserved [from Nomis on 11 November 2015]
gender Total
age All categories: Age 16+
measure Claimant count
Date East Kilbride
August 2013 1,825
September 2013 1,605
October 2013 1,485
August 2014 1,300
September 2014 1,180
October 2014 1,125
August 2015 1,030
September 2015 905
October 2015 860
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