New poll shows East Kilbride winnable by SNP

An Ipsos Mori poll of 1,000 adults in Scotland has shown the East Kilbride seat as winnable by the SNP.  The poll was taken between 14th and 17th April 2011.

The constituency results across Scotland (with the change from 2007 in brackets) are as follows:

SNP 45% (+12)
Labour 34% (+2)
Conservative 10% (-7)
LibDem 9% (-7)

This represents a swing of 5.15% from Labour to the SNP.  If that swing was applied to East Kilbride it would create the following result:

SNP 52%

Labour 47%

Conservative 6%

LibDem 5%

After hearing the results of the poll, Linda Fabiani, SNP Candidate for East Kilbride, said:

“Whilst this is a remarkable poll that makes East Kilbride winnable for the SNP we are taking nothing for granted and redoubling our efforts to win the seat.

“As this election campaign has progressed I have met more and more people who tell me they will be voting SNP for the first time. With the focus now firmly on Scotland’s election many have been impressed by the SNP’s team, record and vision.

“With our record of government over the past four years and Alex Salmond for First Minister we are winning new supporters across Scotland in general and in East Kilbride in particular.”

SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP added:

“This is good poll, and confirms that more and more people are considering voting SNP – many for the first time – because they want to re-elect the SNP Government and Alex Salmond for First Minister.

“We are taking nothing for granted, and will contest the remaining two weeks of the campaign as a close two-horse race.

“We will continue working hard to earn the trust and support of the people for the SNP’s record, team and vision for Scotland.”

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