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As I have been out and about in East Kilbride, I have been asked how I relax after a day’s campaigning.

Too often, it has to be said, the campaign work goes on until late into the night, and there isn’t much time to relax.

This is especially true with the many contacts I have made through Facebook, with some of them asking questions at all times of the day!

What I like to do to relax is to listen to some of the great music produced in Scotland, and occasionally to dip into my Italian roots!

So, to keep my hard-pressed campaiging team even busier, I have asked them to upload links to some of the wonderful music made by some of my Facebook friends, and other selected artists.

As the campaign progresses, the list will grow, so please pop back to see what has been added and to check out progress with the campaign.

Please click on the pictures below to enjoy the song.


This is a beautiful song by a beautiful lady I had the pleasure to meet on a number of occasions. Just as this campaign was getting under way, she passed away. So sad that we will never hear her clear gaelic lilt and singing again. Ishbel evoked the beauty of her heritage and that is so obvious in the featured video. She left behind a wonderful legacy of music that we will cherish for years to come.

Caledonia has to be one of my favourite songs from Dougie MacLean or any artist. It has a great sense of longing to be home, and I know Dougie meant that very much when he wrote the song. We couldn’t find it to post, but I feature (as one of a singing audience) in one version of this song. I don’t think I spoiled it for him! This is a wonderfully intimate presentation of a great song.

The Chillies played this tune at a Senate dinner in Washington DC. It was fascinating to watch Senators’ faces – they expected Scotland the Brave and got Smoke on the Water complete with Stuart Cassels jumping up on a table!

This song had to feature early in my list of music to relax to. Not often you get a great song named after you – I am kidding of course. Although very upbeat, the song is about a Linda who is having a pretty hard time. Glad to see that Pat now puts as much passion and commitment into his writing as he ever did into his music.

Lovely to see Corrina Hewat in relaxed mode with the baby. This video is from a wonderful concert Corrina and the rest of the Unusual Suspects gave at the Lorient Festival during Scotland’s year in 2007. The audience reaction was amazing; there is a real love of Scottish culture and music in Brittany and this concert shows why.

This song was on the jukebox in our cafe in Whiteinch – brings back great memories, happy memories.

Dave Francis and Mairi Campbell performing Robert Burns’ Auld Lang Syne in Barga, Italy.  The song featured in the soundtrack of the film ‘Sex and the City’.

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