East Kilbride East candidate, Gladys Miller, has urged the UK Government rethink plans to limit the tax relief on charitable donations warning that the move would be deeply damaging for the third sector organisations who rely on philanthropic giving to fund some of their activities.

Gladys said:

“It is difficult enough, in the current financial climate, for Scottish charities and third sector organisations without a further reduction in what is an important source of funding.

“These proposals have the potential to be extremely harmful to the charity sector which the people living in East Kilbride and across South Lanarkshire rely on.

“The Scottish Government recognise the valuable contribution charities make to Scottish society and are supporting the work of the charitable sector in Scotland, whereas UK Ministers do not seem to have made any assessment of how this will impact on charities.

“An SNP Administration at South Lanarkshire Council would support voluntary and community groups by reviewing the Area Community Grants and increasing free access to school facilities.

“We recognise how important these organisations are to the people living in our communities and will work together to move things forward for the people of East Kilbride and across all of South Lanarkshire.”

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