East Kilbride Central South candidate, Duncan McLean, has said it’s time to put the Pride back into East Kilbride.

Duncan said:

“A message heard loud and clear on the streets and round the doors of East Kilbride is concern at the decline in the town since it became part of South Lanarkshire.  There is a widespread view that the Council has never got to grips with managing the new town environment.

“Residents of all ages condemn the Council’s poor planning for the Town Centre.  Large numbers of units are lying empty at a time when East Kilbride faces more competition, not least from Silverburn and Braehead, both of which provide free parking – a saving for shoppers making an extended visit.  Labour Councillors appear so wedded to the interests of particular developers that they have lost sight of the wider needs of the town.

Duncan McLean at the start of the controlled parking zone at the junction of Quebec Drive and Vancouver Drive

“The Council’s mismanagement of the parking permit issue is well known.  It needlessly introduced parking controls on Sundays, causing unnecessary inconvenience on a day that many local families have visitors.  The controls apply to areas community representatives say are not affected by overspill parking from the town centre.  Labour’s response to the expense of running this ill-designed scheme has been to introduce charges for parking permits.  Rather than fix the problem, Labour wants the community to pay for its incompetence.

“The rundown in public areas is a major issue for communities all over East Kilbride.  Examples of this have been raised with me in Westwood.  At Nassau Place, I found children using rusty play equipment that appears not to have been painted in years.  There is no excuse for such neglect on Labour’s watch.

“Grandparents were supervising their grandchildren as they use the same play equipment as their parents did many years ago.  Local residents can’t recall the equipment being painted for many years.  In an example of local authority idiocy, new safety surface lies beneath equipment that badly needs stripped down and repainted to stop children cutting themselves on rust.

Duncan McLean at the Nassau Place Play Area

“Just along the road, at Cree Place, is one of the worst examples of South Lanarkshire’s neglect.  A range of lock-ups is falling into disuse and decay while cars cram nearby streets.

“In parts of East Kilbride, lock-ups were an integral part of the design of the area and a high proportion of all the council-owned lock-ups in South Lanarkshire are in East Kilbride Central South Ward.  It is clear the Council has failed to manage them properly over many years. As they are at present, many of the lock-ups are a target for vandalism with the danger that this spreads to other parts of the area.

“John Anderson has been successful in delivering refurbishment of the lock-ups at Chatham and Mossgiel.  That has to be the start of a programme to bring the lock-ups up to modern standards as an asset to the community, not an eyesore.

Duncan at the Cree Place lock-ups

“It is time for South Lanarkshire to take its responsibilities to East Kilbride seriously.  Voting SNP 1 and 2 on May 3rd will be a signal of your determination to put the pride back into East Kilbride.”

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