East Kilbride Central South candidate, Duncan McLean, has called on Labour to clarify its position on the council tax freeze as its candidates promise to extend the Council Tax Freeze with no guarantee of financial support from the Scottish Government.

After years of voting against the Council Tax Freeze, Labour committed to a two-year freeze in their 2011 manifesto for the Scottish Parliament.

In November 2011, East Kilbride MP, Michael McCann criticised the Council Tax Freeze, despite it being funded by the Scottish Government.

Now, Labour candidates in the council elections are promising a five-year freeze, which is a year longer than Scottish Government funding is available.

Without Scottish Government funding, the full cost of extending the freeze will have to be met by cuts to South Lanarkshire Council services.

Duncan McLean said:

“Labour are in a mess on the council tax freeze.  They have had so many positions since it was introduced that they don’t know where they stand.

“Only the SNP have been clear in our support for the council tax freeze because we know it makes a difference to family budgets.

“Working with the Scottish Government, the SNP can be trusted to freeze the Council Tax to 2016 while working to protect local services.

“Labour’s position has no credibility.  They must urgently clarify their candidates’ promises and explain what services they will cut to deliver an extended freeze.”


Note:  Michael McCann in the East Kilbride News 2 November 2011 “The SNP ……. are desperate to maintain their key flagship policies like their promise to freeze council tax but the bill for those policies will be jobs and services.”

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