East Kilbride Central North candidate, Anne Maggs, has welcomed comments from SNP Leader Alex Salmond who has called on voters to back the SNP and ensure that their council delivers the five year council tax freeze.

Anne said:

“Freezing the council tax is central to the SNP’s pledge to help families through tough financial times, and only the SNP has the track record and the cast-iron commitment to deliver this policy.

“ Labour’s multiple and inconsistent positions on the council tax freeze – together with their consistent track record of opposing it in the Scottish Parliament – means that only SNP councils can be trusted to maintain the freeze until 2016.”

Alex Salmond said:

“Anyone out knocking doors in this election will know just how important the council tax freeze is to families. That’s why SNP Councils have a cast-iron commitment to working with the Scottish Government so we can keep it in place right up until 2016.

“At a time when family budgets are being put under considerable strain through the Westminster government’s handling of the economy, more than ever councils need to help keep money in people’s pockets.

“I remember when I became First Minister, they said the freeze would never happen, then it would never last beyond the first year. Yet here we are committing to a freeze all the way until 2016, saving the average Band D household over £1200 in tough times.

“We have a track record on delivering the council tax freeze, and voters know that we are the only Party in this election with a cast-iron pledge that they can trust to be delivered.

“If you look at Labour, they’ve never liked the council tax freeze, and they’ve been all over the place on it. In fact, the only thing they’ve been consistent on is opposing it in the Scottish Parliament.

“SNP councils can be trusted to deliver the council tax freeze, just as they will deliver 600 hours of free and more flexible childcare, deliver a living wage for council employees and deliver investment in jobs and recovery.

“So I urge voters to back the SNP tomorrow for jobs, for family budgets and for a fairer Scotland.”

Anne Maggs added:

“An SNP Administration at South Lanarkshire Council will ensure the council tax remains frozen until 2016 and we will work with the Scottish Government to deliver fairness for families.

“We can only do that if people vote SNP 1 and 2 when the polls open tomorrow – together we can move East Kilbride forward.”



Note – the council tax freeze will save the average Band D household £1200 between its introduction and the end of this Parliament.

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