Linda Fabiani welcomes latest health stats

News that patients in Lanarkshire are experiencing better waiting times has been praised by Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride.

This was one of a number of statistics revealed this week showing the SNP’s commitment to NHS frontline services is paying off.

Linda Fabiani welcomed the health reports, saying:

“These are encouraging statistics and I’m delighted the SNP are well on the way to the 25% cut in NHS senior manager posts to save £100million a year in Scotland.

“Quality in patient care always comes first which is why I’m pleased to see more people are getting enough time to speak to their doctors and waiting time figures showing we are well on course to meet our target of more patients being treated sooner.

“This is testament to the hard work of staff who are helping Scotland achieve a first-class health service.

“The SNP are committed to creating a health system that is better, faster and more convenient and to meeting the financial challenges without compulsory redundancies. These statistics show we are getting closer to that goal.”

The figures out today also show:

  • An eight per cent reduction in the number of senior managers in Scotland’s 14 health boards
  • Despite facing UK government cuts the SNP’s determination to protect the NHS has seen services continue to improve with new figures show in June 89.7% patients were seen and treated within 18 weeks from initial referral to start of treatment – one step closer to the SNP’s December 30 target of 90%.
  • 1.2 million more people are registered with dentists than in March 2007
  • The rate of participation in NHS General Dental Services among registered patients over the last two years was 79.5% for adults and 88.2% for children
  • The Scottish Cervical Screening Programme has seen a four per cent increase in tests since 2007-08
  • Scotland’s Chief Statistician also published today national results of the Scottish 2011 Inpatient Patient Experience Survey
  • Scottish inpatients were positive about their hospital stay with people feeling slightly more positive about their experiences with their doctors than last year
  • The largest increase was in patients


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