Linda Comments on HMRC Announcements

Linda Fabiani MSP 2“PCS Union has been warning for some time that this was likely to be the result of the Tories’ rationalisation plans. Although on the surface of it East Kilbride looks like having a longer presence than other centres, this is of course subject to HMRC agreeing better terms with the landlord. I don’t believe for a minute that any real assessment has been made by the UK Government of the impact of these decisions, either on communities or on individuals and businesses, let alone the HMRC workers. Unlike the Scottish government, the UK government does not have a policy of no-compulsory redundancies, meaning this will be a very worrying time for the staff. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is seeking urgent talks with the UK government.

“During the recent referendum campaign, we were all told to vote ‘No’ to save HMRC and DfiD jobs. Here we are now with the introduction of an independent Scottish income tax system next year, facing job cuts in East Kilbride. HMRC had to admit earlier this week that their performance has slipped, with response targets missed. These plans completely fly in the face of common sense and they need to be rethought– it is obvious, HMRC needs to be employing more staff, not fewer.”

“I agree with the PCS demands that HMRC should take no action on implementation until full discussion and consultation has taken place. All of us who represent this town should be working together to apply pressure on the UK Government to reassess these plans.”

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