Commenting on Labour’s hypocrisy as they say will now support the SNP’s policy of two year council tax freeze in the next parliamentary term, despite previously calling for the freeze to be ended, Linda Fabiani MSP said it exposed their lack of positive ideas and brings humiliation for Labour Finance spokesperson Andy Kerr, who has consistently opposed the council tax freeze.

SNP MSP Linda commented:

“Labour have twisted and turned on the issue of council tax freeze. Just weeks after they voted against a council tax freeze in the Scottish budget, they are now saying they support it after all – just as they have also U-turned on the issue of minimum pricing for alcohol.

“It just exposes the utter hypocrisy of the Labour party and the fact that they have consistently opposed the positive policies of the SNP government simply for opposition’s sake. It’s increasingly clear that Labour has absolutely no clue or coherent policy programme of their own.”

“This is a particular humilation for Andy Kerr. He has seldom missed an opportunity to attack the council tax freeze, despite having failed to come up with any alternative, but his position has now been completely contradicted.

“In March 2009, Iain Gray announced that Andy Kerr would lead a working group to decide Labour’s policy on the council tax. Not a thing ever came of it – except more negative sniping – and now Labour are reduced to trying to ride on the coat-tails of the SNP government’s achievement in securing a council tax freeze for the fourth year in a row.

“The contrasting records of the SNP and Labour on council tax speak for themselves. The SNP delivered a council tax freeze for four years and has saved the average family over £300.

“Labour increased council tax by 60% when they were last in power, blocked the SNP’s alternative proposals for fair local taxation and have consistently argued for the freeze to be ended and council tax to be raised, just when hard-pressed families most need the help that the freeze has provided.

“The facts of the last four years point to only one thing – that only a re-elected SNP Government can be trusted to continue a council tax freeze into the next Parliament”

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