Kezia Dugdale’s support for a “new Act of Union” is the latest in a long line of Labour promises for more devolution – and follows the party promising to deliver the “maximum devolution possible” just two years ago.


Labour opposed more devolution than agreed by the Smith Commission and Kezia Dugdale has since repeatedly demanded that others stop discussing the constitution.


SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, who sat on the Smith Commission, commented:


“If Labour are finally committed to more powers for the parliament then we look forward to their fulsome support as we make the case – as we always have – for a parliament with full powers.


“However Labour have been promising a supercharged, powerhouse, federalism-max for years – and consistently failing to deliver it. In fact it was Labour politicians that specifically blocked the powers over the minimum wage they are now asking for. This is just the latest version of the same old song.


“Kezia Dugdale is always quick to accuse others of obsessing over the constitution, but Scottish Labour’s default answer to bad polling numbers is to promise powers that they don’t deliver. Billions of years from now I half expect Labour politicians to be staring into the dying sun calling for a constitutional convention.


“If Labour are serious about standing up for Scotland’s interests then Ian Murray will vote with the SNP today to ensure Scotland’s interests are heard over Brexit. Instead of offering an answer to Scotland being dragged out of the EU against our will by a right wing Tory government, Labour are once again selling Scotland short.


“Voters would be forgiven for taking this latest intervention with a pinch of salt.”

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