Linda Fabiani MSP has called on Labour’s Andy Kerr and Iain Gray to apologise to the people of Lanarkshire for their breathtaking hypocrisy over Monklands Accident and Emergency Unit, and admit that the only threat to Monklands came from Labour themselves. 

Labour proposals to close Monklands Accident and Emergency Unit were prevented by the election of an SNP Government in 2007. Since then, there have been 219,431 admissions to Monklands A&E. Andy Kerr – Labour’s former Health Minister – was still attacking the decision by the SNP to save the Monklands A&E as recently as last year. 

Yet last week, Kerr’s boss Iain Gray claimed that Labour would “protect the future” of Monklands A&E – even though the only threat to its future came from Labour in government. 

Lanarkshire-based SNP MSP Ms Fabiani said: 

“If Labour had stayed in Government there would be no Accident and Emergency unit at Monklands hospital and more than 200,000 patients would have had to travel elsewhere for treatment. Andy Kerr has spent the last four years criticising the SNP’s action to save Monklands and has repeatedly tried to mislead people in Lanarkshire about the impact of that decision. 

“Yet now, Iain Gray has the cheek to claim that Labour will “save” Monklands – when the only threat to it came from Labour! 

“Andy Kerr and Iain Gray owe people in Lanarkshire and the staff of Monklands A&E a big apology for their scaremongering and hypocritical behaviour on this issue. 

“Twice in the space of a week, Andy Kerr has had the rug pulled from under his feet by his party’s leader. For four years, Andy Kerr has repeated two things over and over again – that the council tax should go up and that he was right to try to close Monklands A&E. Both of those stances have now been rejected by his boss, who has decided to copy the SNP’s policies instead. 

“Labour’s hypocrisy will only remind people in Lanarkshire that it was the SNP who acted to save their local health services and to freeze the council tax, saving hard-pressed households over £300 on average. Only a re-elected SNP government can be trusted to continue these policies in the coming years.”

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