Labour leadership team in meltdown after manifesto review


SNP Candidate for East Kilbride, Linda Fabiani, has highlighted that Labour’s manifesto falls short on ambition and doesn’t accurately cost the party’s plans, raising serious questions about Labour’s Holyrood team, not just their beleaugered leader, Iain Gray.

Ms Fabiani was speaking after the Centre for Public Policy for the Regions (CPPR) published an analysis of the manifestos of the four main political parties.

The CPPR report revealed that Labour had failed to properly provide for a Council Tax Freeze, recently adopted as Labour policy despite their opposing the SNP Government in freezing the Council Tax over the last four years.

The report found that the SNP had made full provision for their policy of a further Council Tax Freeze over the lifetime of the next parliament.

The CPPR revealed that, with a four year budget of over £100 billion, the Labour Manifesto introduced new spending commitments of less than 1% of available spend; the lowest of any of the main parties.

This report comes after Labour already came in for heavy criticism for misrepresenting the cost of knife crime to the NHS.  Medics Against Violence has accused the party of falsely claiming that figures used to back up Labour’s policy had come from them.

Linda Fabiani, who was a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee, said:

“This serious of gaffes in Labour’s manifesto must set alarm bells ringing with anyone who has Scotland’s interests at heart.

“With the Scottish Budget under pressure from Westminster cuts, even diehard Labour supporters must think twice about letting Iain Gray and Andy Kerr gamble with Scotland’s finances.

“Far from running a country, Labour’s front-bench team has been unable to put together even an ambitious and properly costed manifesto.

“Watching Labour’s shambolic campaign emerge, it is clear that Wendy Alexander made the right decision when she dropped out of her candidacy at the last minute.

“No one among the existing leadership of the Labour Party in Scotland has a proper grasp of public finances.

”With two weeks to go in this election, it is clear that Labour has a real leadership crisis on its hands, not only with Iain Gray, but also with their senior team, who are just not up to the job.”

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