Kerr left out the loop as Labour attack backfires


Linda Fabiani has commented on the election hustings held by South Lanarkshire Trades Council in East Kilbride on Wed 20 April  Labour candidate Andy Kerr was rendered speechless when a  Labour attack on the SNP backfired spectacularly and it was revealed that Andy had been left out of the loop by his own people.

Earlier the same day, Glasgow University’s Centre for Public Policy for the Regions (CPPR) released an analysis of the financial details given in the manifestos published by the four major parties.

Mr Kerr referred to a press release issued by Labour claiming that the CPPR had identified a shortfall in the SNP budget in 2014/15.

Ms Fabiani pointed out that the press were already carrying corrections indicating that, not for the first time in this campaign, Labour had simply got their sums wrong.

Contrary to Labour’s claims, the CPPR analysis shows the SNP budget with a surplus of £1,222 million in 2014/15.

After the hustings, Ms Fabiani was delighted to hear that Labour movement stalwarts, Tommy Brennan and Bashir Maan have endorsed Alex Salmond and the SNP to form the next Scottish Government.

Tommy Brennan was Works Convener at the Ravenscraig steel plant in Motherwell and led the fight to save the Scottish steel industry in the 1980s and 1990s. He worked at the  plant for 31 years until 1991.

Born in Pakistan, Bashir Maan came to Glasgow in 1953 and became Scotland’s first Muslim councillor and first magistrate.

He held the posts of President of the National Association of British Pakistanis, Scottish Representative on the Executive of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, Chairman of the Glasgow Central Mosque Committee, Chairman of the Strathclyde Joint Police Board and Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.

In response to the news of their backing for the SNP, Linda said:

“With Tommy Brennan and Bashir Maan both announcing their endorsement of the SNP, it is clear that the West of Scotland is increasingly backing the re-election of an experienced SNP team, led by Alex Salmond, with a clear vision for Scotland’s future.”

Linda Fabiani said:

“The Trades Council is the traditional home of the broader labour movement.

“When Andy made his point about the SNP manifesto, I pointed out that the press was already reporting the correct information. He looked thrown by the news and members of the audience later described him as having been rendered speechless.

“Labour’s central team would certainly have been aware that their press release was wrong. They either decided to leave Andy out of the loop or are just overwhelmed as even stalwarts of the Labour movement abandon them to support the re-election of an SNP Government.

“Between Iain Gray’s decision to run away from a handful of protestors and now this, it is clear that Labour’s top team are doing their party more harm than good.

“Far from recovering from their 2007 defeat, Labour is in serious disarray and certainly can’t be trusted to take Scotland through the difficult times ahead.”

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