Linda Fabiani has welcomed a pledge by Finance Secretary John Swinney that a re-elected SNP Scottish government will review the PFI contracts for building contracts such as Hairmyres Hospital, which have cost the taxpayer many millions of pounds more than the actual cost of the buildings.

Linda previously exposed the scandal of the Hairmyres contract, which will eventually cost the public purse the equivalent of nine new hospitals.

Linda said:

“The SNP will not stand by and see millions of pounds of private profit made at the expense of our public services, which is what these PFI contracts do.

“The PFI contract negotiated by Labour for Hairmyres is a disastrous deal – it is a huge drain on public resources which should be going towards improving health services and facilities in East Kilbride and wider Lanarkshire.

“The price we are paying for Hairmyres would have paid for nine new hospitals, but instead, every year for the next 20 years, NHS Lanarkshire will have to pay out millions of pounds from its budget before they can even consider the health priorities of patients.

“Labour claim that these terrible deals were the only way to build new hospitals, but that’s simply not true.

“The new Southern General in Glasgow is being constructed right now and, thanks to the SNP government, the public will only pay the price of the building once over. Once it’s built, it will belong to us, the Scottish people – not to some private company.

“Labour continue to defend the terrible PFI deals that they made when they were in power and try to deny any responsibility for causing the UK recession.

“In contrast, SNP has delivered a balanced budget every year and is managing public money effectively. Voters will make up their mind who can be best trusted to handle Scotland’s finances during the tough economic times ahead.”

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