Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the findings which show Scotland is on course to achieve its target of meeting the country’s electricity needs from renewables by 2020.

The Electricity Generation Policy Statement, which sets out the Scottish Government’s renewable energy plans, illustrates that the transition to a low carbon economy benefits the environment, creates jobs and can also lead to lower household bills.

Linda said “Renewable energy generation stimulates Scotland’s economy through job creation and inward investment. The report published earlier this week by the Scottish Government found that Scotland is on course for reaching its target of 100% of electricity being created by renewables by 2020.

“This will help deliver a more prosperous and cleaner future ensuring Scotland’s electricity needs can be met without the need for any new nuclear power stations. Effectively, we can take pride in the fact that Scotland’s children and young people will inherit a greener and more prosperous Scotland.”

“Scotland has excellent green energy potential with a quarter of Europe’s tidal and offshore wind potential and a tenth of its wave power, with this potential at our disposal it would be madness not to harness our renewable energy sources.

“Scotland already has the highest proportion of clean power generation across the nations in the UK and it plays a vital role in keeping the lights on both here and in the rest of the UK.”

The SNP’s commitment to the Climate Justice Fund, recently announced at the first ever parliamentary debate held in the Scottish Parliament, affirms the SNP’s manifesto pledge to co-ordinate a climate adaptation fund.

Linda said “Climate change disproportionately affects the poor and vulnerable people in developing countries and I welcome Scotland placing climate justice at the heart of our decisions on energy policy and economic and social development and support the First Minister’s call for world leaders to make 2012 a year of climate justice.

“The SNP firmly believe we have a responsibility to help those who are least equipped to dealing with this change.

“Former UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Mary Robinson has recognised “Scotland’s commitment to championing climate justice” and how, as a country, we are “leading the way for all countries”.

“The SNP is meeting its manifesto pledge and at the same time placing human rights at the heart of global development.”

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