Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride welcomed progress on the Public Procurement Bill in a recent debate in the Scottish Parliament.

Linda notes that already, improvements to the procurement process have delivered £1.2 billion of savings and more than 3,500 training and employment opportunities through community benefit clauses. A national framework for supported businesses and a situation in which 46 per cent—compared with a United Kingdom Government target of 25 per cent—of our £9 billion procurement spending is with small and medium-sized enterprises, nearly half of which goes directly to small firms that employ fewer than 50 people.

Linda said, however:

“I want to see more though, with as much as possible done to improve the process and to bring more opportunities to companies in East Kilbride. Although this bill will not solve all the issues surrounding public sector procurement, it should ensure clarity and a degree of uniformity in procurement processes, particularly for services. Our risk-averse culture has led to many processes becoming too time consuming and costly, relative to a project’s scale, and too often ‘Europe’ gets the blame, when it can be bureaucracy at home that’s the problem.”


Motion for debate
S4M-06153 Maureen Watt on behalf of the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee: Public Procurement Reform—That the Parliament notes that the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee, in advance of the introduction of the Scottish Government’s proposed Procurement Reform Bill and in order to inform any future work in this area, would welcome members’ views on the efficacy of current public procurement processes and on the scope and potential for improvements to be made to these processes.

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