Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the news that innovative research carried out at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride could help to reduce the likelihood of amputation for diabetes sufferers.

Linda said “The loss of a foot through diabetes can be devastating and with the number of people suffering from diabetes going up, more and more patients may end up losing feet as their condition progresses.

“However the sterling work done by the Diabetes Centre at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride may change the fortunes for many patients.

“World leading research by staff based in East Kilbride has shown that simple gel filled insoles can reduce the incidence of foot ulceration which is one of the leading factors resulting in amputation.

“By reducing the incidence of foot ulceration, we will be able to lower the amputation rate and meet the targets set by the Scottish Government in the Diabetes Action Plan 2010.

“My congratulations to Duncan Strang and his team at Diabetes Centre of Hairmyres Hospital podiatry department in East Kilbride.”

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