Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the news  that Scottish taxpayers are to be ‘set free from PFI shackles’ as a result of a new financing model announced by the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government is committed to a new financing model that has replaced the discredited Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The Non Profit Distributing (NPD) model will play a pivotal role in improving Scotland’s infrastructure and supporting the Scottish economy. It removes the excessive profits made by private companies in past PFI projects, and ensures any surplus money from the project can be reinvested for public benefit.

Labour’s PFI legacy has left the NHS having to pay over £1 billion in the next five years.  Over the next five years more money will leave the NHS in repayments for Hairmyres Hospital, Wishaw General  and the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and than the capital cost of the projects themselves – with more payments in years after that as a result of Labour’s PFI and PPP deals.

MSP for East Kilbride, Linda Fabiani said “I am sure the residents of East Kilbride would much rather this money was spent improving hospital food and other services rather than paid back to a PFI scheme brought in by the Labour Government.

“I am so pleased that the Scottish Government has brought an end to PFI and will now finance new capital projects through the Non Profit Distributing model. 

“Had such a model been in place before then maybe there would be no need for the ‘Dish Up Better Grub’ Campaign!’. 

“Hairmyres Hospital should have been built to treat the people of Lanarkshire, not to provide profits to private companies”.

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