East Kilbride MSP Linda Fabiani has this week welcomed the most recent figures which highlight the number of patients seen and subsequently admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours at Hairmyres stands at 96.6%.

The statistics mark the first anniversary of weekly publication of A&E data. Compared to the same week of 2015, the figures are an impressive 14.9% higher this year.

Last February, the average 4 hour Accident and Emergency hour wait at Hairmyres was met 81.7% of the time. For the first three weeks into February to date, that figure is an impressive 92.7%.

The improvements in performance also come at the same time it was revealed the NHS has its highest ever staffing levels.

Commenting on the news, Linda said:

“It is well documented that during winter months, Accident and Emergency performance can fluctuate from week to week, determined by a number of factors.

“As we note the one-year anniversary of weekly reporting, it is most welcome that waiting times this winter have been consistently better than the same period as last year. That is down to the hard-work and dedication of our NHS staff, and they should be recognised for making these gains possible.

“Latest figures show that since the SNP came to power there has been an increase of 11,000 more staff working in our NHS, and it continues to rise. In Lanarkshire, the number of medical and dental consultants is up 63.2%, and the workforce overall has increased by 13.3%.

“To reflect board boundary changes in 2014, and with annual increases from the Scottish Government to NHS board funding, NHS Lanarkshire’s budget has risen locally by 61% since 2007 to £1,106 million.  With growing demands on our NHS, and an increase in the number of patients, it is quite right our government’s priorities are to invest in our health service and the staff to continue to provide the excellent quality of care for the future and making it as healthy as it can be.”



Data from
Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Times data (Excel file) at http://www.isdscotland.org/Health-Topics/Emergency-Care/Publications/data-tables.asp?id=1609#1609

For the month of February, 2015 in Hairmyres, the figures for A&E are as follows:


Episode and aggregate level data Feb-15
Number of attendances 4,345
Total attendances for year to month 57,362
Rolling average attendance 4,780
Over 4 hours in A&E 796
% within 4 hours (month) 81.7%



For the month of February 2016 to date, Hairmyres figures A&E figures are as follows:


Week Hospital Board Scotland  
21-Feb-16 96.60% 95.10% 93.50%  
14-Feb-16 93.30% 92.60% 90.00%  
07-Feb-16 88.40% 88.10% 91.30%  


Budgets for NHS Lanarkshire since 2006-07 are as follows:


Year Financial allocation
2006-07 686.5
2007-08 735.0
2008-09 760.5
2009-10 777.4
2010-11 798.4
2011-12 815.6
2012-13 836.5
2013-14 865.1
2014-15 890.3
2015-16 1,051.8
2016-17 1,106.8


* the figures for Lanarkshire and Glasgow will reflect the boundary changes that took place in 2014, with NHS Lanarkshire’s budget increasing to reflect the wider geographic area covered and Glasgow’s budget decreasing.  The changes are reflected from the 2015-16 budget onwards.






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