Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the findings of a recent report into investment in renewable energy by leading investment bank Altium Securities.


The report found that investment in Scotland’s booming renewable energy sector will continue whatever Scotland’s constitutional future, including under independence.


It highlights Scotland’s leading role in the green energy sector and finds that ‘Without Scottish based renewables, the rest of the UK would be required to build far more Megawatts of renewable energy (most likely wind) to achieve its climate change objectives’ re-affirming the fact is there will be a continuing need for Scottish renewable electricity to be exported to help keep the lights on in the UK.


At present the Scottish Government are aiming to cut carbon emissions by 42% by 2020 and in doing so create 130,000 jobs in low-carbon economy.  The findings of this report show that the Scottish Government are well on track to achieving these goals.


Linda said “Continued investment in renewable energy can only be a positive for East Kilbride.


“South Lanarkshire College is already preparing students for work in the renewables sector.  The continued investment will make it easier for these students to obtain a skilled job once they have completed their qualification.


“Continued investment in the renewables sector means that companies will invest in Scotland in order to take advantage of the green energy being produced.


“We are already witnessing this in East Kilbride with companies such as Cool Designs operating in the town and the number of companies and jobs set to increase.


“Of course this continued investment also means that the Scottish Government will be able to meet its targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases and that Scotland can continue to play its part in tackling climate change.”

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