Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the news that council tax will continue to be frozen as South Lanarkshire Council have agreed to the deal offered by Finance Minister John Swinney.

Linda said “This is good news for the people of East Kilbride especially at this time of year, when money can be tight at the best of times, and is made worse just now by the continuing global financial problems and economic mismanagement by the Westminster government, who are simply not prioritising the well being of the people.

“The Scottish budget has been cut by an enormous £3.3 billion, damaging our economic growth and preventing investment in important infrastructure.  Scotland already contributes more each year in taxes to London than we ever get back. Our capital budget is being cut even more severely with a 36% reduction in real terms.

“Despite this the Scottish Government continues to do everything in its power to safeguard the kind of living standards that are important to the Scottish people. For this reason we have seen ring-fencing of the Health budget, continued investment in the NHS and free prescriptions for all.

“Scotland is still a wealthy country and we have a Parliament in Holyrood able to uphold our values at a time when a Conservative Prime Minister, that no one voted for in Scotland, is systematically dismantling institutions that used to define Britain, such as the NHS and fair pensions, through cuts that are deeper and faster than those of the Thatcher era.

“The Scottish Parliament have proposed improvements to the Scotland Bill that would give Scotland the economic powers we need to respond fully to the economic challenges we face.  Of course, with independence we could do much more.  Independence will provide the autonomy to best capture the distinct opportunities in Scotland’s economy and maximise our potential.”

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