Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the news that US electronics giants Freescale Semiconductor have chosen East Kilbride as its new Centre for Excellence.

Linda said “Two years after the closure of the site, I’m delighted that East Kilbride has been selected to be the home of Freescale Semiconductor’s Centre for Excellence.  This news places East Kilbride at the cutting edge of research and development of microcontrollers for the automotive industry.

“It would have been cheaper to ship the machinery to the Far East and set up there but the expertise of East Kilbride engineers and the close proximity to leading universities made East Kilbride the stand out choice against global competitors.

“East Kilbride engineers have played a key role in several key automotive products such as high performance graphics dashboards, fuel efficiency products and radar based driving assistance systems.

“The investment will total £4.4m, a major commitment to East Kilbride, and bring in highly skilled job opportunities.  In addition, further jobs and investment opportunities will be created through supply chain, university collaboration and technology start-ups.

“The Centre will play an important part in global Research and Design activities.  The innovation created in the East Kilbride Centre of Excellence will stimulate future growth in terms of employment and sales.

“There is real investment and jobs in East Kilbride.  Environmental testing firm SAL Ltd have recently opened their new £500,000 purpose built facility in the Kelvin South Business Park and aim to make it one of Europe’s premier analytical laboratories employing graduates and other skilled workers.

“We have some great businesses in East Kilbride such as award winning IT firm and Sage developer, Eureka Solutions who are known to be one of the most technically competent companies in the UK and Nerston based company Merson Signs who have reached the final of a prestigious HSBC business competition to take place in Paris.

“This news is recognition of the talent and skills of East Kilbride workers and I am delighted to welcome the new Freescale Semiconductor Centre of Excellence to East Kilbride.

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