Nobel Laureate and climate change campaigner Al Gore has hailed Scotland as world leader in renewable energy at an international conference on “green finance” investment.

He said “Scotland has unique opportunities with the natural resources, including the incredible percentage of the offshore wind resource and the excitement of the potential of wave and tide energy, although that’s at an earlier stage of investigation and development.

“Clearly the amount of energy that can be harvested once it’s worked out is enormous.

“You have an engineering tradition going back centuries, you have a highly-educated and highly-skilled workforce, and it’s a centre of capital.

“Putting all these resources and assets together does provide an exciting opportunity.”

He said some politicians are “paralysed” by arguments against investing in the expensive infrastructure needed to harness renewable energy.  But he added that the potential for jobs in the industry is enormous.

He said it is important to “get through” to other countries, and added “Thank goodness Scotland is providing some leadership.”

Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride said “I am so glad the Al Gore has highlighted Scotland’s potential to be a green energy powerhouse and world leader in renewable energy.

“A low carbon economy can bring jobs and wealth to our nation.  East Kilbride is already seeing the benefits of green technology and the financial benefits it can bring.

“The Eco-house at South Lanarkshire College is ensuring that students trained in East Kilbride are at the cutting edge of technology and are best-placed to take advantage of future jobs in Scotland’s Renewable and Energy Efficiency sectors.

“Cool Designs Limited based in East Kilbride, were recently voted Product Distributers of the Year by their industry newspaper.  Cool Designs are a carbon neutral company who were commended for their commitment to the environment.  A tree is planted for every VRF air conditioning unit they sell and they also sponsor a wind farm in India.

“East Kilbride has a strong role to play in Scotland’s Green Future bringing jobs and wealth to the area as well as playing our part in reducing the threat of climate change.”

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