Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has today welcomed the news that the No Knives, Better Lives campaign is to be rolled out to South Lanarkshire as well as five other areas across Glasgow, Central Scotland and Lothians.

Linda said “We must all work together to tackle the problem of knife crime in our communities.

“No Knives, Better Lives is to be welcomed because it is designed to do stop the knives getting on the streets in the first place. It is preventative action, which tackles the problem at the root by educating young people. Investment in knife education now will mean fewer victims in the future.

“No Knives Better Lives has made a real difference in reducing the numbers of young people carrying knives in parts of Renfrewshire and Inverclyde, cutting knife crime by nearly 40% in Inverclyde and by 30% in Renfrewshire. This is a scheme that has been shown to work and one we must support.

“People in East Kilbride, marched in solidarity with the families of knife crime victims, have made it clear that they are sick of the consequences of knife violence and want to see knives off their streets.

“I am pleased that the Justice Secretary has responded positively and that the town will now benefit from this very important work.  Mr MacAskill is also due to meet with the East Kilbride families of victims in the near future.

“Communities across South Lanarkshire have felt the pain of senseless knife crime.  It is my hope that with this programme we will now be able to divert our young people from carrying knives and make our communities safe again.
“The SNP Government’s approach of combining education, more police on our streets and tougher sentencing is having the desired effect.  Knife crime is actually coming down and there are fewer people carrying knives and other offensive weapons.

“The annual Scottish Policing Performance Framework report shows the number of recorded crimes committed by children and young people have fallen by almost 19 per cent.

“These figures show Scotland is becoming a safer country and it is particularly encouraging to see the number of crimes involving young people has fallen.

“Having a visible police presence on our streets is helping to combat youth offending which is reflected in these statistics and the fact crime is now at a 35-year low.

“The SNP is committed to tackling the underlying problems of crime in our society – namely alcohol.

“Cheap and widely available alcohol fuels anti-social behaviour which is why we are re-introducing our minimum pricing plans.

“The SNP Government, in partnership with police, local authorities and communities, are helping to deliver a safer Scotland.”

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