Fabiani votes against tax credit cuts as SNP to bring forward ‘sensible, credible and costed’ plans if tax cuts go ahead

Linda in chamber - Hairmyres PQLinda Fabiani, MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the result of the vote in the Scottish Parliament against Tory tax credit cuts and for the SNP’s plans to bring forward ‘sensible, credible and costed’ plans if the cuts go ahead.

Commenting, Linda said:

“The Scottish Parliament voted against the Tory cuts to tax credits. If these do go ahead, as with the Bedroom Tax – the SNP will do everything it possibly can to support people affected.

“The SNP in government will set out sensible, credible and costed proposals to support low-income households. That can only happen after the George Osborne’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review takes place, when the shape of specific changes are proposed. The fact that Labour voted against our motion in Parliament is indicative of a party that simply can’t be taken seriously. Instead of attacking the Tories they prefer to attack the SNP.

“The Scottish Parliament was created so we could do things differently in Scotland – instead we find ourselves in the situation of simply having to find ways to mitigate these callous Tory cuts.

“The SNP put forward a common-sense amendment to the Scotland Bill to devolve responsibility for tax credits in full – Labour now need to be clear on whether they will back us, or if they will again side with the Tories in denying these vital powers to Scotland.”


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