Linda is pictured with Maggie McDougall, the Stockman at the Museum and representatives from Plantlife Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland

Linda Fabiani visited meadowland around East Kilbride’s Museum of Rural Life this week to view the Frog Orchid, for which Linda is species champion through Plantlife Scotland, an organisation which works to preserve our natural habitat.

Linda said

“When I was asked to be a species champion I wanted to choose a species which was native to East Kilbride. The Frog Orchid is endangered and the natural pasture around Kittochside is one of the few places left in Central Scotland where such plants are still to be found.

“After a bit of a trek I was able to see the Frog Orchid flourishing in its natural environment due to the flower rich grassland habitat and light grazing by sheep and cattle. Intensive farming and pasture management has meant that plants like the Frog Orchid have found it increasingly difficult to survive, so the husbandry that is being done by the Museum and its farmland staff is admirable and so very important. So much to learn!

“I am really pleased to support the work being done by Plantlife and the National Trust for Scotland to preserve our natural habitat and delighted that here in East Kilbride we are able to champion the Frog Orchid.”





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