Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has urged East Kilbride residents to have a safe Bonfire Night this Saturday.

Linda said “Bonfire Night can be great fun if enjoyed safely however, each year, firefighters are called to attend to over 1500 emergency calls as a result of people failing to heed the dangers associated with fireworks and bonfires.

“Strathclyde Fire and Rescue do a fantastic job protecting our community and will be using new technology this year to communicate their fire safety message. They will be working alongside the police and council staff to ensure the safety of East Kilbride residents as they enjoy Bonfire Night.

“South Lanarkshire Council are asking people who are concerned over bonfires being built to contact them on 0800 242024 and their Land Service staff will respond to remove any risky constructions and materials.

“School pupils have been treated to the play ‘Toast’ performed by the Arkeen Theatre Group which highlights the dangers of fireworks. It is so important that young people are made aware of the dangers of fireworks as they are too often the ones who suffer injuries as the result of misuse.

“I would also ask people to bear in mind the distress to pets and wildlife the noise of fireworks cause and ask pet owners to seek advice from their vet if they are concerned for their animals during this time.

“I would encourage those wanting to participate in Bonfire Night to attend an organised event. I hope everyone has fun, stays safe and is considerate to neighbours and animals.”

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