Linda-Fabiani-MSP-3East Kilbride MSP Linda Fabiani spoke up for free prescriptions and concessionary travel in a Scottish Parliament debate entitled ‘Achieving Social and Economic Success for all of Scotland’. The debate focused on poverty and inequality in Scotland.

Linda argued that such universal services are solid foundations to tackle poverty and inequality.

Commenting after the debate, Linda said:

“Johann Lamont’s infamous ‘something for nothing’ attack on vital services in Scotland has haunted Labour since the day she made it. I welcomed in my speech that Depute Leader of Scottish Labour offered his support for the Scottish Government’s amendment, which noted the importance of universal services in tackling poverty and inequality effectively. However, some of his colleagues appeared to disagree! In the run up to May’s election, Labour candidates should clarify whether they agree with the SNP and their Depute Leader, that such universal services are vital.

“We have great bases on which we can build, including healthcare free at the point of need, education that is based on the ability to pay learn rather than the ability to pay, transport to counter social isolation, and free school meals for those who most need them. That’s important in East Kilbride and Scotland.

“The ‘something for nothing rhetoric’ is so dangerous as it ignores the fact that we pay into the system and have the right to benefit from it. Everyone in East Kilbride should have a stake in our public services which is vital to creating a fairer, more equal society.”



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