Fabiani speaks on hospital food

Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has spoken on the East Kilbride News campaign to improve the quality of food at Hairmyres Hospital – ‘Dish Up Better Grub’.

Linda said “since its opening in 2001, I have been receiving complaints about the standard of food served to patients at Hairmyres Hospital. Although it meets nutritional standards the menu, taste, appearance, texture and temperature of the food served is less than appetising to patients recovering from illness.

“I have been invited to ‘food-tasting’ sessions held at Hairmyres Hospital over the years, but find a one-off tasting experience an ineffective exercise which has continually failed to bring about the changes patients and their families have been calling for.

“The problem is that Hairmyres Hospital was built under PFI without a large kitchen facility. The plan was to have food shipped-in from outside rather than have food freshly prepared onsite. Presently, food for patents is prepared in Manchester and transported up to the hospital on a daily basis. Food for staff however is prepared onsite and served in the canteen.

“I have written to NHS Lanarkshire to ask whether this facility could be extended to patients. It may be possible for them to revisit the original business plan for the Hospital to see if the kitchen could be extended to allow patients access to fresh, locally purchased produce.

“Decisions regarding health should not be based on what is the cheapest solution but what is best for the wellbeing of the patient. I have also written to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nicola Sturgeon to ask for her support on this issue.”

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