Linda Fabiani MSP has slammed recent comments made by the Tories Central Scotland List MSP Graham Simpson on his website for his disingenuous selection of statistics on year-on-year delayed discharge figures and for completely failing to recognise progress made by NHS Lanarkshire.


Linda said:


“Mr Simpson’s selective use of statistics to paint a bleak picture of delayed discharges in Lanarkshire is utterly shameful.


“Delayed discharge statistics show that year-on-year, April saw a fall of 27% when compared to last year, with May’s figures down 26%. That is impressive and to be welcomed, yet instead of recognising those figures, Mr Simpson chose to instead focus solely on June’s statistics which show a slight rise in delayed discharge of 7.5%. Statistics for the last quarter show there has been a drop of 16% overall.


“Using one month’s rise is completely disingenuous and fails to recognise the hard work and progress made by NHS Lanarkshire and their staff to reduce those figures. To instead attack the SNP’s management on the “longest ever waiting times” fails to take into account too that Scotland has for the past three years had the best Accident & Emergency waiting times in the entire UK.


“Our NHS workers deserve recognition for bringing these figures down – not for the opposition to try and score cheap political points.”




Delayed discharge statistics can be found here: http://nhsperforms.scot/hospital-data/indicator-hospital?hospitalid=22&indicatorid=25  and is broken down below:


Delayed Discharge in Lanarkshire

2017 2018 % Increase/Decrease
April 226 165 -26.99%
May 216 160 -25.92%
June 185 199 7.56%





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