Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride, has spoken out against last week’s Conservative budget, which was notable for the abolition of the 50p tax rate and as such is widely seen as a budget for the rich. She also expressed incredulity that the Labour Group in Westminster didn’t vote for an amendment against this, despite promises that they would vote against the cut in the top rate of tax.

Linda said “This Tory Budget failed to deliver the key measures needed to help economic recovery, and the fact that the latest OECD figures UK recession is further evidence of why we need an urgent change in direction by the UK Government. Despite savage cuts throughout the country we see Britain is still suffering after four long years of stifled economic growth. With the latest OECD figures showing that the UK as a whole has slipped back into recession, it is time for Westminster to change its approach to the economy
“The SNP have argued right from the start of the economic downturn that capital investment is the best way to keep the economy moving and keep people in work. Unfortunately, the UK Government is not listening – which once again shows why Scotland needs to secure real economic powers with independence.

“Last week’s budget showed that the UK Government remain wedded to the austerity cuts that they have introduced and now want them to last longer and cut deeper than originally planned.

“The UK Government has its priorities all wrong. While hard-working households and businesses feel the impact of these cuts, the Tories want to give tax breaks to the rich – and incredibly Labour didn’t even vote against it. This is a terrible betrayal of the decent people Labour claim to represent.

“It is clear that the best way for Scotland to move forward and escape unfair Tory rule is by choosing the full economic powers that only independence can bring.”

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