Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has welcomed the latest GERS figures which has highlight that every man, woman and child would have been £510 a year better off last year had Scotland been an independent country. This follows a poll in December showing that two thirds of people would support independence if this were the case.

Linda said “These figures are further proof that Scotland would be financially better off with independence . Not only is more raised in Scotland than is spent, but Scotland’s budget has been in a stronger position than the UK as a whole in each of the last six years – even during the harsh global economic climate during the last few years that we were told an independent Scotland would not survive.

“Recent polls have suggested that two thirds of Scots would be in favour of independence if it made them £500 a year better off – the recent GERS figures show that they would have been £510 a year better off in 2010/11.

“We are also told again and again that an independent Scotland would be over-reliant on a volatile North Sea Oil resource. Yet today’s figures show that oil revenues are only 15% of our total tax take – compared to 29% in Norway, which seems to manage just fine as an independent country.”

“Continued attempts from anti-independence parties to try and scare voters into staying the UK are having precisely the opposite effect. As we move forward with the ‘Yes’ campaign more and more people are realising that – despite consistent attempts from anti-independence parties to talk Scotland down – there is absolutely no doubt of Scotland’s sound financial footing.”

“Support for independence continues to grow.  The latest poll in the Scotsman shows majority support for Scotland having responsibility for all the nation’s resources so that we can deliver key fiscal measures to boost growth and jobs – and for the Scottish Government’s policy that an independent Scotland will keep the monarchy and the pound.

“Independence will see a new relationship of equality between Scotland and England, and a continuing social union – with the Queen as head of state, and a sterling currency zone.

“The people of Scotland want their country to be in charge of its own finances, including our vast natural resources. We are confident of winning the case for independence in the referendum – with the Yes campaign launching shortly after the end of the consultation in May, and the full independence prospectus published well ahead of the autumn 2014 referendum.”

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