Seizing on revelations by a Westminster commentator that George Osborne is being criticised by his predecessors who “are amazed at the time he has to spend politicking across departments” and “heading” a campaign against independence instead of focussing on the economy, the SNP  demanded that he stop meddling and concentrate on trying to deliver economic growth and bringing forward the capital investment needed for shovel ready projects in Scotland .

Fraser Nelson’s blog on the Spectator website reads:

“But the problem this time was George Osborne’s chillaxing approach to being Chancellor, coupled to what seems to be a casual disregard for detail. This approach was embodied in his decision to join Cameron on White House jolly the week before delivering his shambolic Budget. It makes you wonder if his growth strategy (or what purports to be his growth strategy) has had enough thought put into it.

“Being Chancellor in a recession is a very tough job. Osborne’s predecessors are amazed at the time he has to spend politicking across departments. I’m told that he is heading the campaign to defeat Salmond in a Scottish referendum, taking on yet another job to add to his other one of chief strategist”

SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

“George Osborne’s budget shambles, at a time when the UK experiences a double-dip recession, becomes all the clearer as we learn that his predecessors are criticising him for politicking instead of concentrating on his job.

“It says a lot about the anti-independence parties that their obsession with playing party politics over rides what really matters He must stop playing politics and obsessing about the SNP.

“It is totally irresponsible of him to put petty party politics ahead of his public responsibilities and that is damaging to the economy y .

“The UK Chancellor should be looking at issues like capital investment in the Scottish Government’s list of shovel ready projects instead of playing these games which are having a negative effect on the everyday lives of people across the UK.”



Spectator blog articles by both Fraser Nelson and Alex Massie on George Osborne can be read here:




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