Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has voted for the removal of Trident in a debate in the Scottish Parliament re-committing her opposition to nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Linda said:
“80% of Scots, on both sides of the Independence debate, do not want the Trident nuclear weapons on the banks of the Clyde replaced. They are an affront to humanity causing indiscriminate destruction to innocent people, including children and also to our environment.

“Faslane could have a sustainable future as a conventional naval base without Trident nuclear submarines, boosting jobs in the surrounding area. The Clyde does not need Trident. Trident currently costs Scottish taxpayers £163 million per year which could instead be used to pay for 4,500 teachers, 1,500 consultants, 33 primary schools, 7 secondary schools or between 3 and 8 community hospitals – per year. The removal of Trident provides job opportunities and not the threats the opposition parties perpetuate.

“Labour MSPs are thrawn over the issue of Trident. Like the majority of Scots, many of Scottish Labour MSPs have expressed their objections to Trident but this view is over-ruled by the Westminster Leadership.

“Trident is morally repugnant but it also makes no economic sense. Without Trident we could not only deliver better public services, better pensions and reverse the cuts being made to the defence budget which has seen bases close and service personnel being handed P45s while serving on the frontline. At a time when the Westminster system is hell-bent on cutting welfare and hurting the most vulnerable in society, it is outrageous that they want to spend up to £100billion on a new Trident nuclear weapons system.

“The only way to remove Trident and build a better future for Scotland is through a YES vote in 2014.



Motion for Debate
Motion S4M-05988: Keith Brown, 18/03/2013: Trident: That the Parliament acknowledges the devastating humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons; endorses the Secretary-General of the United Nations’s five-point plan for nuclear disarmament; calls on the UK Government to acknowledge the opposition of the Scottish Parliament to nuclear weapons and to the presence of Trident in Scotland, and further calls on the UK Government to explore options for the removal of Trident ahead of the so-called main gate decision in 2016.

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