Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride has expressed her pleasure as South Lanarkshire receives over £800,000 to support jobs for young people across the local authority.

Linda said:

“Scottish youth unemployment is among the lowest in Europe thanks to the actions of the Scottish Government, who have made it a priority to tackle unemployment among Scotland’s young people.

“This latest announcement of an investment package worth nearly £90m is another welcomed moved and I am delighted to see that £800,000 will be coming to South Lanarkshire Council to support 250 jobs for our young people.

“Figures published by the Office for National Statistics this week show Scottish unemployment has fallen for the seventh month in a row.  We are outperforming the UK on all three labour market indicators of employment, unemployment and inactivity rates for both the headline statistics for the population as a whole and the statistics for young people. The employment rate is now higher in Scotland than in any of the four nations of the UK, whilst the unemployment rate in Scotland is lower than in any of the four nations of the UK.  Since Angela Constance was appointed as Minister for Youth Employment in December 2011, youth unemployment has fallen from 25.4 per cent to 15.2 per cent.  However. this does not mean we become complacent.

“The SNP have made the commitment to give every young person in Scotland the opportunity to work and make their contribution to society. By working together the Scottish Government, local councils, Cosla, the European Commission and employers, we can help get more young people into work.  Small and medium sized businesses can benefit in their ability to recruit young people and build capacity for economic growth.   Any East Kilbride business who would like to make young people their business and take advantage of the available funding for employing young people should contact my office and we’ll steer them in the right direction.”




The Youth Employment investment package is comprised of two different funding streams:

  • The £50 million Youth Employment Scotland Fund, made up of £25 million from the Scottish Government and European Social Fund, matched by £25 million worth of in-kind support from employers and local councils
  • The £37.85 million SME Growth Programme to support businesses to grow and create employment opportunities for people of all ages – including young people, made up of £15.1 million cash from the European Regional Development Fund matched by £22.75 million worth of support from Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway.



For labour market statistics, see http://www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2013/06/LMS12062013

The Scottish Government uses Labour Force Survey (LFS) data published by ONS to measure youth unemployment and employment. This is the most timely source of data on young people’s performance in the labour market and is the main source used for reporting at the UK level. The Annual Population Survey (which combines results from the LFS and the English, Welsh and Scottish LFS boosts) provides more reliable annual estimates but is not available on such a timely basis.


The full National Statistics – Quarterly Public Sector Employment in Scotland Q1 2013 can be accessed at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/stats/bulletins/01046

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